Improving care outcomes via engagement

Activeness - Transparency - Security

We focus on developing innovative and exciting applications for patients, clinicians, and care providers by revolutionizing the traditional healthcare towards continues and active care. Our mission is to improve healthcare efficiency & patient safety outside the care-facilites throughinnovative communication and collaboration system.

Active engagement:

A new approach to long-term conditions by empowering the patient with daily follow-up of own conditions and engaging caregivers and family members for support. With ActiveMEDI, continued access is made available to every patient, providing the framework and opportunity for continuous development.

Care Transparency

ActiveMEDI is a digital solution both for businesses and individuals, or any organization in duty of care. It helps you to manage communications across the continuum of care at home, clinics and hospitals and bringing transparency towards the involved parties.

Information Security

Industry leading encryption and authentication ensure security of data at all times. ActiveMEDI users own the data and decide what data to be shared to which organization or individuals. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents.