For organizations in duty of care

We seek to address some of the challenges in healthcare through communication technologies. We do this via our innovative collaboration platform called UnifiedCARE®. It enables efficient communication between the physicians, nurses, and any party involved in patients' care. UnifiedCARE provides both web and mobile applications with the following capabilities:

Care Transparency

ActiveMEDI is a digital solution both for businesses and individuals, or any organization in duty of care. It helps you to manage communications across the continuum of care at home, clinics and hospitals and bringing transparency towards the involved parties.

Care management

Establish the outstanding and completed tasks for all patients for example in home care visits or in hospital, and enable efficient channel to report and communicate directly with relevant parties.

Easy start

Support care providers to easily run a customer-focused care with less hassle for setting up the care planning system. UnifiedCare is an easy service activated via few clicks only within few minutes. No pre-investment or hidden cost, pay for what you use.

Care continuity

Extend the traditional care outside your care facilites. Discover the important information about patients and instantly share new information relevant to other parties in duty of care.

Remote Monitoring

Securely and reliably collaborate between wards, and away from the hospital and follow-up patient condition with direct communication with the patient and care providers. Notify/alert nurses and family members when needed.


We have already done successful integration with nation-wide PHR systems via strong authentication (personal bank authentication). ERP or API-level integration can be activated easily with full read-write capabilities after a customer request.

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