Know exactly what to do in an emergency case

Eliminate paper forms. Access emergency medical records, anywhere anytime

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In emergencies


Vital information always with you

Have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones always have your vital health information accessible when needed.

Notifications to contact persons

In case of an emergency a text message is automatically sent to the contact persons to inform them about the incident.

Location of the incident

As part of the text message the location of the incident is shared so that the relative can know where the emergency has happened.


Employee wellbeing and security

Remain compliant within your industry as per regulation. Emergency contacts, vital health and other relevant information about employees can be collected and available securely via MedID anytime, anywhere.

Cost savings for cities

Make informed decisions in emergency situations and save peoples' lives while keeping costs down by reducing uneccesary hospital visits.

Cost savings for care providers

If a person using a homecare service is hospitalized, the nurses will be informed so that they don't do uneccesary homecare visits.

"The link to the ActiveMEDI service is a novel way for ambulance and emergency medical personnel to quickly get necessary critical information, which so far couldn't be achieved outside hospital, e.g. on the accident scene. The strength of the system is that you yourself decide what information you want to display and you have full control of it. It is easily up-dated when needed."

Tom Silfvast, Medical Director - HYKS erva first-aid
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In Clinics / Hospitals


Preparing for a doctor’s visit

With the MedID you can easily plan ahead for your own or loved ones’ doctors visits, allowing you to effortlessly communicate own health condition and history to the doctor.

People with communication difficulties

If a person has a speech impediment, problem remembering or get nervous in situations like doctors visits, it can be helpful to be able to communicate their health information through the MedID-gadgets.


Better care outcomes via engagement

When a patient carries own MedID gadget to a visit, the doctor can easily communicate with the family (/medical contact) about the visit and get them involved in the care of the patient.

Improved customer relations

When families are informed about their loved ones conditions and appropriate care methods they will feel more involved and more in control of the situation.

Employee wellbeing

Take care of your employees by engaging them in own health and wellbeing and help them to keep track of own health progress in continues mode.

"Stella, as the first company, takes advantage of the ActiveMEDI service to a human-centric home care service with possibilities to improve the quality of life for our clients and peace of mind for the family."

Stella CEO, Mats Rönnback

Many people use home care service for their loved ones for example when away. ActiveMEDI brings peace of mind also for the family members as they get the opportunity to know that their loved ones are under good care and safe. Especially, clients with a memory illness see the critical value of such online service.

Homecare lead nurse, Piia Repo
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When traveling


Doctors visits

Having to visit the doctor when traveling abroad can be problematic if you’re not fluent in the language and know the names of the conditions. With MedID the Conditions are automatically translated to the correct language so the doctor can get a correct history.


Keep track of your vaccinations at any time, no matter where you are in the world. When you plan a trip to more exotic countries it is good to know if you have the vaccinations needed.


Insurance firms claim handling

Reduce number of phone calls and extra costs related to a travellers incident. Instead, equip your existing travel insurance card with MedID tag and receive automated report in case of emergency or hospital visits.

Corporate travellers and Expats

Equip your employees with MedID when travelling abroad for business and remain competitive in employee satisfaction. With the MedID they are able to bring with them the whole family health profile and keep it up-to-date all the time.

Clubs / Schools / Organizations


Info sharing

For any type of club, school or organization it is problematic to know what each individual's ailments and care needs are. With MedID this information is always available when needed

Peace of mind

Don't worry about your loved ones, knowing that all the important information is known by whoever is involved in the activities that they take part in.


Trips / Excursions

When planning a trip or excursion with your group it is good to know what needs there are from your members. Let your staff always have the most up to date information on hand and be confident in their approach to any situation in the field.

Assistant to disabled/elderly

Forget the papers and care instruction forms about your client. Use MedID service to access his/her vital health information and care preferences during (for example) a trip. It saves you time and lets you focus on the care itself.

Allergies and diets

Know what dietary needs are in your group of people so that you can plan what meals can be made.


Keep your pet safe!

Easy way to get notified when someone finds your pet. The system will send you a sms with the location of your pet.

Scan and Access anywhere anytime!

Access medical data and insurance documents during a veterinary visit via a PetID gadget.

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