PetID pet identification

Age 7 years
Birth Sep. 9 2009
Sex Male Pet
Phone +35840123123123
Notes I get well along with other dogs. I have vaccinations. If you find me please call the number above!

For you and your pet we have developed PetID, your pet's own digital identification..

  • PetID keeps your pet's vital information always with them. Use it in a veterinary visit!
  • In case your pet gets lost, the finder sees your phone number and can get in contact with you.
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Frequently asked questions

PetID is your Pet's own digital identification. It is a cloud service connected to your PetID tag that you can hang in your pet's collar. Tag is supported with NFC and QR code and can be read with a common smart phone brands. Remember to check that NFC is enabled your in phone settings. Note that some smart phones do not support NFC technology. QR code on the tag can be read with a a QR reader. QR reader is an app that uses your phones camera. Most QR reader apps are free to download to any common smart phone brand.
PetID has multiple functions. The supporting ActiveMEDI cloud allows you to create a profile for your pet. In the service you choose what information is visible with a scan and what is hidden behind your password. Now you can keep your contact information public in case the pet gets lost while keep other for instance medical information of pet safe and secure just for your self. PetID has other functions as well. In the monitoring field you can keep track of your pets growth, eating habits and other things that improve your pet's health & daily life. You can also create visualising graphs from your input data.
Find your unique PetID code from your PetID product (located below the QR code). PetID code usually consist numbers and lower case letters (e.g.1234abcd). Open your devices browser and write in the URL field the following address: unique PetID code (e.g. www.sos1.me1234abcd) Now your browser loads the PetID activation page. You complete the activation by following the instructions on the page. You can make sure your PetID works by scanning it with your phone.
If you have activated your PetID you can add and update all the information in the ActiveMEDI PetID service by signing in on the service webpage You find the sign in field on the top right corner of the page.
Yes we are using the same encryption techniques as banks and our system is well secured. No one can't access your information without your permission. You can also choose what information is visible with when scanned and what information is password protected.
No, PetID products are a web service and the tags can be read with a QR reader available free in your phone's app store for common brands. You may also scan the PetID with NFC function which is build in to many modern smart phones. To input data on the PetID service you can use any internet device.
No, only costs are related to the purchase of the product.
In case you lose your PetID you can log in to your ActiveMEDI PetID account and remove the product from your personal health profile. This way the product will not work anymore. If you find the product again you can always reactivate it later following the activation instructions.
You can buy the PetID products from our webshop. You can also check the list of our resellers from below.
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